© 2006 Theo Kleynhans Questions Without Answers

Current Observations: The Ephemera Series

Current Observations started off as a loose collection of notes I constantly make in my little black book I carry around with me. Having just turned forty I am in a contemplative space.

In the process of evaluating my life I found that my observations could be categorised loosely in four subsections.  With the Ephemera Series I address the fleeting happenings in our lives, the ephemeral. The Phobia Series depicts some of the fears I have but also articulates more general fears or feelings of unease. The Indulgent Object series is a collection of some of my favourite objects placed into new environments imbued with new associative significance. Finally there is the installation element of the Kraal.

The exhibition as a whole becomes a snapshot of my current state of mind. I have realised that I shall always be an outsider and that I am comfortable being it. I have come to the conclusion that it is sometimes the mere witnessing of the ephemera that makes our lives bearable, that it is possible to overcome phobias. Sometimes by merely acknowledging that our fears exist we render them harmless.

I have also learnt that although I am no longer object poor I shall continue to acquire more objects to pacify me because I deserve to be spoilt.

I might experience more rage than the average person. I might rant and rave more and I might have complex phobias but all in all I am quite content in my Kraal.